How Eight Best Friends Built the Neighborhood of Their Dreams

posted: 03/13/17
by: Blythe Copeland
House on wooden floor , home concept

If you and your BFF are still holding onto your lifelong dream of living in side-by-side houses, take inspiration from four Texas couples who built a line of tiny homes they call Bestie Row. The cabins -- each of which is just 350 square feet -- share a 10-acre plot on the Llano River, a little more than an hour outside Austin. The back-to-basics interiors utilize simple materials like concrete floors and exposed plywood walls to make cozy spaces where the eight friends can escape for the weekend, while a shared building houses the stove, refrigerator, and communal eating space -- complete with an octagonal table.

The cabins, which the friends refer to as "the Llano Exit Strategy", were designed with cantilevered roofs to capture and channel rainwater in an effort to mitigate the effects of the land use on local water supply. The cost of each cabin: about $40,000. But the reward has been invaluable. "It's like a Disney movie out here," one owner told Garden & Gun. "We have hare, bobcat, deer, and all kinds of birds. As we spend more and more time here, we find more and more."

Via Apartment Therapy