Honestly, If You’re Going Anywhere Near Water This Summer You Need These Giant Pool Floats

posted: 03/13/18
by: TLCme
Let's be real, it's not summer until your feed is full of people floating on fun, flirty pool floats - like swans, flamingos and YES, unicorns! Well, because we are a culture of not knowing when to stop (can't stop, won't stop) this summer your Insta-feed will be filled Party Birds that fit up for 6 of your besties on it.

Look, there are even cup holders for your rose.
At this point you're probably wondering, where in the world do I get this cloud of heaven to float on this summer? The answer: Sam's Club. The flamingo is already sold out, but don't you worry, there are more on the way.

via Sam's Club

Oh, and there's also a peacock. Isn't she lovely honey!?

via Sam's Club

So the question is: do you want to have the summer of your life or what?