Homework Tips to Help Make Homework Easier on Everyone

posted: 09/23/16
by: Amanda Mushro
little tired boy sitting at a desk and holding hands to head horizontal
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little tired boy sitting at a desk and holding hands to head horizontal

When you finished school, you probably thought that was the end of your homework days. Then you had kids and realized you're were just gearing up for the years of homework your kids would be assigned. Getting your kids to finish their homework can get a little hairy at times, so here are a few ways to get everyone organized, create healthy homework routines, and keep your sanity through it all.

Give Them a Break- Even if you want your kids to crack open the books and get started on their homework the minute they walk in the door, don't! Let your kids have a little down time from school. Let them relax or get their energy out. Ask about their day and really listen. Have a little fun before the work begins.

Make a Plan- After school activities and commitments can eat up time before dinner, bath, and bedtime. So to make sure your kids don't run out of time and cause your stress, help them make a daily plan and show them how to stick to it. When your kids have a routine, everyone know what to expect every night.

Create a Homework Space- Homework is a lot easier if your kids have a designated space that is comfortable to work, has all the supplies they need, and no electronics to distract them. Having this designated space and making a plan is all about building a routine that works in your house.

Give Them Energy-Kids are hungry after school, so give them a little brainpower with a quick and healthy snack while they work on their homework. Here's a few after school snacks they can make themselves or these homemade snacks you can make for them.

Entertain Younger Kids- If younger siblings are hanging around during homework time, give them "homework" too. From simple coloring sheets to age appropriate worksheets, making homework time for everyone can help make you feel less frazzled and keeps everyone focused.

Don't Be Too Helpful- Yes, you are there to help. However, it's not your homework, so don't do the work for them! As tempting as it may be to help a little too much or help to get the work done faster, it's counterproductive for you to do the work. Plus, didn't you already do you own homework?