Home Decor Help: 9 Ways to Upgrade Your Shelves

posted: 05/18/16
by: Amanda Mushro

A well styled shelf can make a room look chic, interesting, and personalized. But how do you get the ones in your home to look like the ones you see on Pinterest (and not a shelf at your local thrift store)? The key to styling your shelves is taking it step by step. Whether you're filling an antique bookshelf or minimalist floating shelves, these ideas work for any design aesthetic.

Pick your color scheme

Choose three to four colors (or maybe neutrals) that you want to use when styling your shelf. From bright pops of color to metal polishes and even black and white, you'll want to stick to this color scheme so your shelves don't get too busy and confused.

Get inspired

Pinterest and Instagram are amazing places to get inspired. You don't have to be an interior designer to get a fabulous look. You just need a picture for inspiration!

Do a little shopping

Start by shopping in your own home by checking for interesting books that match your color scheme or have a pretty spine. The same goes with any art collectables, frames, and vases. Once you have a few key items, start shopping. Look for different heights, shapes, and textures but stay in your same color scheme. You can always return the items if you don't need them.

Easy DIY

Found something you love but it's not the right color? Consider spray painting (like the gold accents below) it or giving it a new finish. You don't need to spend a lot of money on the items on your shelf, they just need to be interesting.

Start with books

Play around with the placement of your books on the shelves by piling a few books vertically, grouping others by laying them flat with titles showing, and others that will only display pages. If you have a book with a gorgeous cover, display it alone. Try grouping books by color or size and see what catches your eye.

Add art

If your shelves can hold artwork, go for it! Displaying your art is a great way to add color, shows your style, and will add depth to your shelves by drawing your eyes to the back of the shelf.

Think in layers

Now it's time to add your fun decor like frames, clocks, vases, and your favorite knickknacks. Try mixing heights and keeping similar colored items together. Include travel tchotchkes and other personalized items.

Blank spaces

Don't fill up every space with books and d?cor. Leave spaces so you can see everything that is on display. Place items off-centered so the blank spaces look intentional and not just an empty space.

Take a step back

As you fill the shelves, take a step back to look at the big picture. It might help to take a picture and look at the shelves to see if you like the placement of your items.