Holiday Hacks: Wrapping Like A Pro

posted: 12/19/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Holiday presents

I am celebrating because I'm finally done with all my holiday shopping! But that celebration is short lived because now I have to wrap all of those carefully selected gifts. The holidays are almost here and if you're like me and need to dive into wrapping lots of presents, here's holiday wrapping gifts hacks to make wrapping faster, easier and more festive.

Run out of wrapping paper? Don't run out to the store just yet. Mix and match two different patterns of wrapping paper on one package and tie together with a ribbon in the middle.

If you've received a lot of beautiful holiday cards, use the front of the cards as gift tags that will decorate a plain package.

A tall potato chip container is perfect for wrapping small cookies. Just clean out the can and wrap the outside for a festive upcycle.

Pop all of your spools of ribbon onto a paper towel holder so you can keep it all organized and quickly grab what you need while you're wrapping.

When you sit down to wrap, keep a shower caddy next to you to hold the scissors, tape, bows, and gift tags. This way you won't have to keep searching for all of your supplies while you wrap.

Keep your kids entertained and have a little craft time by wrapping presents in craft paper or chalkboard paper. Then let your kids color the wrapped packages with crayons and chalk for personalized wrapping paper.

Choose paper over plastic if you're grocery store uses holiday patterns on their brown paper bags. This way you can use those bags to wrap packages. Add a little ribbon and you'll have a festive and uniquely wrapped gift.

When you have gifts that aren't a perfect square or rectangle, they can be tricky to wrap. For all those oddly shaped gifts, use fabric like a beautiful napkin or scarf or even tissue paper instead of wrapping paper. Start by placing the gift in the center and twist the ends into the middle. Tie off with ribbon for a neatly wrapped gift.

Keep all of your wrapping paper from unraveling by cutting one side of a paper towel roll and sliding it over the wrapping paper.

If you run out of ribbon, add double sided tape to the top of the wrapped package and drop pieces of confetti and ribbon to make a one of kind accent.

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