Hockey Player Breastfeeding In the Locker Room Before the Game Is Empowering and Important

posted: 03/28/18
by: TLCme
This is honestly the best pre-game routine I've ever seen to any sporting event, because guess what, women are superheros and can go from feeding a newborn child to playing hockey in a matter of minutes. This is exactly what mother, teacher and hockey player Serah Small does...from the waist down you can see her dressed in her hockey gear while she bares her breasts to feed her 8-week old, Ellie, right in the middle of the Grovedale Vipers locker room.

According to PopSugar Serah signed up for two hockey tournaments while she was still pregnant with Ellie, expecting she'd bounce right back to the same athletic ability she had pre-pregnancy, without factoring in the challenges of nursing. While in the middle of a game Serah realized she forgot to pump and she started to leak under her pads during the game, she she had to use break in-between periods to nourish her gal.

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Serah is posting the photos to Facebook to help normalize breastfeeding, which is in actuality the most normal thing ever, as it's using breasts for their intended purpose, unfortunately society has sexualized the breast the point women feel uncomfortable providing nourishment for the kids in public -- and we say no more.

Serah chooses to feed her baby uncovered because Ellie has trouble when she is covered, although at times she feels the "burn of judgement" from others for not covering up, this is what is best for her baby -- and in my honest opinion doing what's best for your child is the most respectful thing a mother can do. Serah wrote on Facebook, "I have been so scared to post this photo that I absolutely adore. Why? Because society has made breast sexual." Preach girl, she went on to say "I feel more empowered than anything to be able to meet my baby's needs the way my body intended." We love and admire your advocacy and hope in the future this becomes the standard, not the exception.