Hilariously Dramatic Letters Kids Sent Home While At Summer Camp

posted: 06/28/18
by: TLCme

Ah yes, good ol' summer camp. For some camp is synonymous with the season of summer. It may be a week, a month or all summer long, but with going away to camp comes the letters home. Kids have quite a way with words -- and they tend to tell it like it is, for better or for worse. Here are some of our favorite letters home! Happy camping!

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Look out #thankyounotes meet #lettersfromcamp - sounds like fun!

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The future is female.

"Are you doing anything nearly as fun as me?" is exactly what I think when I'm looking at my ex's Insta.

No, we aren't doing anything as fun as you, #dearest #campletters #lettersfromcamp

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I will now be hashtagging all my accomplishment posts with "#gome"

ERGENT!!!!!! (but honestly yeah, bug bites are the worst and get this kid some anti-itch cream stat)