Here’s Why You’re Seeing More Stay-at-Home Moms

posted: 10/08/15
by: Courtney Reimer
picture of a mom with her daughter at home

For a time there, it was more common to hear young women planning their careers, how they would climb the corporate ladder, break the glass ceiling and so on. And while female college graduates still outnumber their male counterparts, the number of women choosing to stay at home instead of venturing out into the workplace is growing.

The reason for this shift (or at least a primary one) according to Fortune is simple: childcare is just too expensive. The title of the Fortune article says it all: "Childcare now costs more than rent. No wonder more women are opting out of the workforce." A Pew research report they cite says that most recent data shows 29% of mothers are staying at home, compared to 23% of mothers making that choice in 1999.

Perhaps not a huge sea change, but enough of an uptick to raise the question of why, and here's what they found: in many states, childcare costs more than sending a kid to college, and also more than rent. So many women are doing the math and finding that paying someone else to look after their kids so they can go to an outside-of-the-home job just doesn't add up.

And when you add to that the fact that most kids are much more fun and adorable than coworkers, you can't blame them for making that decision.