Here’s The Wedding Dress a “Say Yes to The Dress” Consultant Picked for Jennifer Aniston

posted: 08/19/15
by: TLC
Jennifer Aniston Wedding Dress

Ever since Jennifer Aniston eloped with longtime fiance Justin Theroux tabloids and fans have been dying for a glimpse at the famous bride's gown. And it's possible they may have gotten one on a recent episode of "Say Yes to The Dress," when a bride-to-be gets her heart set on a $8,400 Mark Zuniga dress.

"I know this dress very well. I actually picked this dress for Jen Aniston to wear on her wedding day," the Kleinfeld consultant says when the bride's entourage inquires about it.

Wait, does that mean we just saw Jennifer Aniston's much sought-after wedding dress? Well, here's what we know.

1. Nicole, the Kleinfeld consultant, refers to the actress as "Jen" Aniston, suggesting some familiarity with the mega celebrity.
2. She says she "knows it very well," which means she spent a lot of time with it, possibly to make a sale?
3. Nicole later in the clip says "In my head, this is Jennifer Aniston's dress," which would seem to negate the notion that in REALITY this is Jennifer Aniston's dress.
4. Aniston has been known to favor designers like Galliano and Stella McCartney on the red carpet, so we might expect her to favor one of them instead on her big day.

Watch the clip and tell us what you think.

Did This Kleinfeld Consultant Pick Out Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Dress?

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Watch as a bride-to-be tries on the gown one Kleinfeld consultant predicted Jennifer Aniston would wear.