Here’s How to Put a Fun and Educational Spin on Fidget Spinners

posted: 05/24/17
by: Amanda Mushro

It didn't take long for fidget spinners to become the latest playground craze, and it didn't take very long for schools to begin banning the hot new toy. Fidget spinners were originally designed to increase concentration and focus and reduce anxiety for students who have ADHD and Autism. However, once students started bringing these tiny spinning gadgets into the classroom, kids everywhere wanted one or as many as they could find.

So while these devices were helping many students, often teachers and administrators found they were having the opposite effect for some students. But if your kids love fidget spinners and you have a few floating around your house, here are easy educational activities to put a positive spin on fidget spinners.

DIY Fidget Spinner
Red Ted Art

If your kids keep asking for more fidget spinners, why not try this activity and create a DIY fidget spinner. Your kids will use supplies you already have at home, and then they can compare which materials worked best.

fidget spinner graph

Fidget Spinners seem so simple, but your kids can actually create some pretty impressive STEM charts and graphs based on a little fidget spinner science. This fidget spinner STEM project is perfect for a rainy day and a little spinning.

Turn your fidget spinner into a powerful tool for teaching letters, sounds, words, and numbers. As your kids give the fidget spinner a few quick spins, let them see how many of their letters and sounds they can recite back to you before the spinner stops.

Make this activity even more hands on by giving your kids a bingo dot marker as they race against the fidget spinner.

pre-school packets

Preschoolers are naturally curious and you can use fidget spinners to tap into that curiosity. Using challenge cards, your preschooler can use the fidget spinner to explore and experiment all over your home.

Are fidget spinner banned in your child's school? Put their persuasive writing skills to test with this activity. Have your kids build an argument as to why these toys are so useful. They can speak their mind and sharpen up their writing skills.

Fidget Spinner LP
Lesson Plan Diva