Here’s How to Make Wine in Your Instant Pot with only 3 Ingredients

posted: 03/06/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Cropped shot of two women clinking glasses with wine over served table with lit candles


Since jumping on the Instant Pot bandwagon, I've often wondered "Is there anything this magical machine can't do?" From delicious soups to mouthwatering main courses and even yummy side dishes, my Instant Pot is hard at work a few times a week. So when you have one appliance that has so many possibilities, leave it to a genius food blogger to take the Instant Pot to the next level by figuring out how to use it to make red wine. Yes, Instant Pot wine is now a thing

In a recent blog post, David Murphy, a food blogger and recipe developer, details how he was inspired by a popular meme that was floating around on Facebook. "Instant Pot Wine. A novel idea, right? We've all seen a meme or two running around Facebook wishing that "One of those Pinterest chicks could throw grapes in a crock pot and make wine," Murphy writes on his blog. "Well, how about one of those Pinterest guys? (That would be me lol). I love Pinterest. That is all." So while we were just giggling at the meme and sending it to our friends, this guy was hard at work making some Instant Pot magic.

If you aren't familiar with the Instant Pot, the best way to describe this popular kitchen appliance is a cross between a slow cooker and pressure cooker. While the machine has been around since 2010, Pinterest fans and social media have in large part shared their love for the appliance and created a huge fan base. From sharing recipes to inspiring social media groups, the Instant Pot seems to be a part of every shared recipe these days.

Like all great things that come out of the kitchen, there was some trial and error. According to David, the winning wine recipe has "hints of chocolate and dark cherries, and it had a very palatable wine taste." Red wine with hints of chocolate--yes please.

But before you get too excited and break out your kids grape juice, it's important to note that after following David's recipe, you'll need to let the wine sit for a few weeks in a dark place to let the wine fermentation magic happen. While David recommends a full month, he said he has broken into a batch after eight days and it was already delicious.

So now that I can make dinner and wine in my Instant Pot, I just need someone to figure out how to make it clean the dishes and then it would truly be the best kitchen appliance ever.