Here Are the “Rudest” Days to Get Married

posted: 06/03/16
by: Amanda Mushro
christmas wedding

When you're choosing a date for your wedding, there's a lot to consider. The type of flowers you want and the dress you'll wear really depend on the season. And if you have guests traveling from out of town, you might think planning your big day over a holiday is a great way for everyone to enjoy some extra time celebrating your wedding. So getting married over a holiday is a great idea, right? Well, maybe not.

According to a recent article in USA Today, getting married over certain holidays can be considered rude and some days are more rude than others. In the article, eight holidays are ranked from "totally fine" to the "absolutely rudest." Any guesses which day is considered the worst holiday to wed?

The rudest holiday to tie the knot: Christmas.

A close second: Thanksgiving

Sorry, summer brides, but 4th of July and Labor Day should be off your calendar as possible days to say "I do" because your wedding guests will want to celebrate these holidays enjoying time off of work and maybe attending a barbecue.

So which holidays are OK? Columbus Day, President's Day, and Martin Luther King Day are suitable days to walk down the aisle, but only as long as the wedding festivities fall on the weekend and not on Monday so your guests have the opportunity to observe the holidays.

One surprising holiday that is ranked a suitable to plan your big day is New Year's Eve. Since everyone is already looking for something to do, let everyone enjoy your "I do" and ring in the new year with you and your partner.

So we want to know if you agree with this list. Did you get married over a holiday? Tell us in the comments!