Help Your Teen Earn Money This Summer 

posted: 07/11/17
by: Katie Morton
Teenage girl and group of children with kayaks at water sports camp.

School's out for summer! No doubt your teen has been looking forward to this break all year. However, summertime can be puzzling for a teenager--too old for summer camp, but too young for "real" jobs. Helping your teen find a summer job is a win-win for the entire family. It will teach your teen responsibly and help them earn money while also getting them out of the house.

Read on for teen-appropriate summer jobs to consider.

1. House Sitting

Summer means many families head out of town for vacation. House sitting is a perfect job for older, responsible teens or college students home for the summer. House sitting duties may include a variety of tasks, such as bringing in mail, caring for indoor plants, light housekeeping, and/or taking care of pets.

Note to Parents: If your teen is staying over at the house, check in on them periodically to make sure all is order. Also, make sure you have the traveling family's contact information should a house emergency, such as a water leak or other serious problem, arise. You'll also want a set of back-up keys, garage door openers, and alarm code info.

2. Pet-sitting

For animal-loving teens, a pet-sitting job may not even feel like work. A younger teen could be responsible for walking dogs during the day while the owners are at work. Older teens could stay in the home or visit daily to take care of pets while the owners are on vacation.

Note to Parents: Have a set of back up keys. You may want to visit the home with your teen for the first few walks. Double-check that your teen has all information needed--vet contact information, vaccination records, and rabies tags--should an emergency arise.

3. Childcare

Providing childcare during the summer can be a lucrative teen job. Some parents may need daily childcare during the summer, and those hours can add up! Younger teens or tweens who have never babysat before can gain valuable experience acting as a Parent Helper, entertaining the children while the parents are home and supervising.

Note to Parents: Make sure your child is certified in infant/child CPR and basic first aid before they're left alone to provide childcare. Check out the Red Cross for CPR certification and safe sitter courses.

4. Lifeguard

If you've ever seen any summer teen movie, you know that being a lifeguard is the classic teen summer job. If your teen is a strong swimmer, or has participated in swim team, than this may be the perfect summer job. For those who love being in and around the pool but don't want the responsibly or long hours required for guards, many local swim clubs hire summer swim instructors to help with lessons.

Note to Parents: Your teen will need CPR and lifeguard training before starting this job. Pool guard hours can be long, so make sure your teen stays well hydrated and has adequate sun protection--sunglasses, sun hats, and SPF coated clothing.

5. Lawn Care and Landscaping

Summer lawns need a lot of TLC to stay lush. Your teen can earn decent money in your neighborhood by mowing laws, caring for flowerbeds, and pulling weeds. Teens who are interested in horticulture can earn more by working for a landscaping company.

Note to Parents: Make sure your teen knows how to safely operate all machinery and lawn-care equipment before sending them out on their own.

6. Summer Camp Counselor or CIT

Does your teen love kids and the great outdoors? Then a stint working at a summer camp may be just the ticket. Kids as young as 14 can serve as CITs (counselors in training) for local summer camps. Older teens can act as full-time camp counselors.

Note to Parents: This is a fun summer gig and your teen will likely make fast friends at camp with the other counselors. Make sure they pack water bottles, sunscreen, rain gear, and bug spray for their days at camp.

6. Sports Jobs

Does your teen always have a helmet on or a ball in their hand? Then they'd have an awesome time refereeing or umpiring games this summer. Sports recreation centers and Little Leagues are always recruiting for help.

Note to Parents: Help them brush up on the rules of the game before they start so that they know the right calls to make.

There are dozens of ways your teen can earn money this season--and nothing beats a job they'll enjoy. Help make their summer job experience a smashing success!