Help Your Infant De-Stress at This Australian Baby Spa

posted: 03/27/17
by: Blythe Copeland

While the life of a baby may not really sound all that difficult, newborns have plenty of their own stress -- trying to move, play, communicate, learn, eat -- which is why the team at Baby Spa Perth may be on to a great idea. Their baby spa days offer a combination of hydrotherapy and massage to help babies relax, and it's not as wild as it sounds: The same reasons your baby loves the bath -- warm water, the ability to use his arms and legs more easily, the development of his muscles -- apply to hydrotherapy, too. At Baby Spa, little ones are suspended in the water using a flotation device called a Bubby, which allows them more freedom than in the tub; though the sessions are billed as a "relaxing bonding time for parents and babies,"parents don't even have to get in the water.

After 10 to 30 minutes of time in the water, the tiny customers are treated to a baby massage, which clams to improve digestion, circulation, sleep patterns, and even emotional regulation.

Judging from the spa's Instagram feed, though, the best part of the experience for parents may be the ridiculously cute photo opportunities.