Heartwarming Proposal Ideas

posted: 02/09/17
by: Katie Morton

The story of your proposal is one that will be retold over and over again throughout the years. You'll certainly share all the glorious, romantic details with your children--and someday, hopefully, with your grandchildren. Because there's a lot of pressure to get the moment just right, coming up with an idea for a heartfelt proposal can be quite the challenge. Here's some inspiration on heartwarming ways to pop the question.

1. For the Creative Types

Do you and your honey share a favorite band or play? If so, contact the production company and ask if you can propose after the show, on stage. Bonus points if you can get your proposal included in the program. Tip: You can always print your own!

Typical Wednesday night on broadway #onstageproposal #what ?!?

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2. For the Animal Lovers

If you and your fianc?-to-be share a pet, include your furry kid in your big day. Fashion a sign to hang from your pet's neck. Or, gently tie the ring box to your dog's collar and have your pup pop the question. No matter how you involve your furry friend, your fianc? will love this sweet, personal gesture. Remember to have your camera to capture the adorable moment.

3. This One Is For The Beach Lovers

Ask your big question with a message in a bottle. Write your fianc? a love letter and then deliver it in a glass bottle. Have a friend help you hide it in advance, at a pre-marked spot so that it's easy to find. When your partner finds the bottle and reads the letter, you'll be standing next to them in the sand, with a ring.

4. And of Course For Those Who Love Winter Weather

If you and your future fianc? are fans of frosty weather, wait for the first snowstorm of the year to make your move. You could build a snowman to hold the ring. Or, you could inscribe, "Will you marry me?" in the snow. If you want to pre-plan, rather than rely on fickle Mother Nature, book a weekend at a ski resort.

5. For Your Special Foodie

Treat your fianc? to a romantic dinner at an amazing restaurant. You can either opt for a new restaurant that you've always wanted to try, or go for a favorite spot that has romantic significance for the two of you. At the end of the meal, order dessert. Coordinate with the chef ahead of time, so that they can spell out, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate sauce on a dessert plate. Or, they can "serve" the ring on a gorgeous silver platter while you drop to one knee.

They popped the question, so we popped the fizz. Congrats to the happy couple.

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6. Shout Out to the Classic Romantics

Visit the location where you first met. Propose a date to walk down memory lane--return to the park, cafe, or spot in the city where you first crossed paths. Give your fianc? a bouquet of their favorite blooms. Then, hand a passerby your camera and ask them to take a photo of the two of you. When they start to snap the shot, drop to one knee.

No matter how you decide to ask your fianc? to marry you, this day will be a memory you'll both cherish forever. Congratulations on this memorable milestone!