Hear Jazz’s Powerful Words for International Women’s Day

posted: 03/08/17
Jazz Jennings

For International Women's Day, Mashable asked seven influential feminists what the most powerful thing about being a woman is to them. Jazz Jennings, used to sharing her insight on I Am Jazz, gave this incredible statement:

"Women are often undermined in society -- but I feel like that gives us the strength to prove how powerful we truly are. When someone tries to bring me down, I am just prouder to be a woman because I can display my courage, confidence and strength. I can just be myself."

"I want every woman out there to be confident in who they are and love themselves. I think it's really important in this time to be self-aware and realize how strong we truly are."

Talk about empowering! At just 16 years old, Jazz has not shied away from speaking out on issues like feminism and LGBTQ rights. Recently, her show I Am Jazz was nominated for it's second GLAAD award.

Looking for a little more feminist love today? You can watch Jazz's full journey now on TLCgo!

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