Healthy Snacks That Will Satisfy Every Late-Night Craving

posted: 08/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd

Trying to fight those unhealthy cravings at the end of the day can be tough. Feasting on junk food a few hours before you go to bed can cause a poor night sleep, digestive issues and fatigue the next day. Healthy lifestyles are all about balance so don't sacrifice treating yourself to late night snacks all together! Instead, we have healthier versions of all your favorite junk foods. This way you can have a late night treat any night of the week! Enjoy!

Chocolate Cravings
These 2-ingredient vegan dark chocolate truffles are absolutely delectable! As you bite into these rich, chocolatey truffles you won't find yourself missing the unhealthy version. This is the perfect way to satisfy any chocolate craving you might have.

Popcorn Cravings
Popcorn can be a healthy, smart snack! But it is usually covered in salt and processed butter, making it an unhealthy treat. Keep your popcorn simple by topping it with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and whatever other spice you desire! This is the perfect healthy movie snack.

(Cookie + Kate takeover, 5/5) Here's my favorite crunchy, salty snack--popcorn! I grew up eating stovetop popcorn, and it's 1000 times better than the microwave version. I love that I can keep my kitchen stocked with popcorn kernels and cook up some fresh popcorn whenever I get the craving. (Bonus--since I have to actually cook the popcorn, I don't find myself mindlessly snacking on it like I would with a bag of chips.) I love topping my popcorn with a drizzle of good olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper (it goes great with a glass of wine after a long day). My friend @gimmesomeoven got me hooked on nutritional yeast on popcorn, so I often add some for cheese-like flavor. So good! This wraps up my day of plant-based meals. I hope you found some cooking inspiration in my photos today, and thanks again to Angela for having me! xo, @cookieandkate #osgtakeover

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Chip Cravings
Nothing compares to the crunch that a fried chip can give you. Except for these crispy chickpeas. These chickpeas have been baked in spices to create a crispy, salty and satisfying snack. Instead of sitting down with a bowl of chips, try making these as a healthy alternative!

Pizza Cravings
It can be so tempting to call the pizza guy when the late-night hunger hits. But feasting on pizza at midnight won't leave you feeling energized and refreshed when you wake up the next day. Instead, try making a few of these bite sized zucchini pizza bites. Two or three of these salty little treats will be enough to satisfy your pizza craving!

Sweet Cravings
Don't go for the tub of cookie dough when you are having a serious sweet craving. Make this delicious 4-ingredient peanut butter fudge. This fudge is so sweet, rich and it's made from healthy ingredients! This will leave you feeling satisfied and not sick. It's the perfect treat to keep in the house!

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