Healthy Food Swaps for Your Next Cookout

posted: 07/06/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Whole Foods/Instagram

Just because you're headed to a BBQ doesn't mean you have to derail all of your heathy eating for the week. A few simple swaps on all of your BBQ favorites will help you feel better about your food choices and heading back for delicious seconds!

It can be hard to pass up a delicious burger hot off the grill, but a few simple swaps can make this a healthier option. Instead of the regular beef burger, try a yummy turkey, chicken, or black bean burger. Try going bunless or switch to a whole wheat bun. When it comes to toppings skip the cheese and grab some spinach, Greek yogurt or even a few slices of avocado to top your burger.

Skip the heavy pasta salads and choose a tomato, cucumber and onion salad mixed with Greek dressing or Greek yogurt. If you can't live without the pasta salad, opt for whole wheat pasta or quinoa and lots of fresh veggies.

Don't miss out on delicious corn on the cob, but rather than slathering tons of butter and salt on your corn, try squeezing lime or lemon juice or sprinkle a little grilling seasoning on the corn.

Mayo heavy coleslaw can wreck your healthy eating, so swap out the mayo for Greek yogurt or a vinegar based sauce.

Make a few changes to old fashioned potato salad for a healthier side dish. Start by using small red potatoes and keep the skin on for extra fiber. Skip the heavy mayo and mix up a mustard and vinegar sauce.

With delicious desserts galore, it can be hard to say no to so many sweets. Instead of cookies or cake, try fresh fruit and a single serving of ice cream or frozen yogurt.

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When it comes to summer cocktails, try these simple swaps:

Instead of a pina colada, mix up a drink of coconut water and pineapple juice.

Skip the sugar heavy margarita for tequila on the rocks, with club soda, and fresh lime juice.

Rather than a glass of wine, make it a wine spritzer by adding sparkling water or seltzer.

Instead of heavy craft beers, opt for a fresh light beer instead.