Head’s Up- This Woman Reached Her Goal of Doing a Headstand in all 50 States

posted: 06/04/18
by: Amanda Mushro

It's taken her almost a decade, but a 71-year-old woman can officially cross a major feat off her bucket list--doing a headstand in every single state. Well, that's one way to see the country!

The Ketchikan Daily News reports that yoga enthusiasts Anne Bruinooge was able to check off the last state on her list when she laid down a mat and did a headstand outside of the Alaska newspaper's office. She documented her final headstand with a few pictures from onlookers.

Bruinooge, who has been traveling around the country with her husband, said she challenged herself to perform a headstand in every state for "the fun of doing headstands." While Bruinooge said she's not sure if there is a world record for completing headstands in all 50 states, we love her free spirit and motivation to see the country for the fun of it.