Happy DNA Day! Celebrate Your Roots With Long Lost Family

posted: 04/25/18
by: Kate Meroski

Celebrate your roots! The families reunited on Long Lost Family often come from loving adoptive families, yet they feel the pull to connect with those bound to them through DNA.

With no one else to turn to, Long Lost Family hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner use all available resources--from public records and archives, to tracing family trees, to cutting edge Ancestry DNA technology--to help bring peace to families yearning to be reunited.

Here are some of our favorite reunions:

We Don't Need Anything From Them Besides Love

In one of the most complicated and shocking stories from Long Lost Family, brothers Tim and Ron seek to puzzle together a past they only know through pictures and rumors. Seemingly abandoned by their mother, the boys were placed in foster care and later into the custody of their abusive father. Now grown, they hope to find the siblings they remember through faded photographs, or even locate the birth mother that may have abandoned them. Watch the full episode now.

My Birth Certificate Reads Jane Doe

Chris Jacobs hopes to help Diane finds answers to her mysterious origins. At only three months old, Diane was found abandoned on an Amish porch, leaving her with no information on who or where she came from; she didn't even know when she was born. After police were unable to solve the case, Diane was adopted into a loving family, who didn't share with her the story of her origins until she was 15. Now Diane hopes Chris can find someone who can answer this life long mystery, so that she can finally find peace. Watch the full episode now.

You Think They Are Blood

David grew up in an ideal, all-American family, with loving parents and siblings. But his world was rocked forever when he learned--after his parents death--that he was adopted. At 49-years old David is just beginning to come to terms with this shocking revelation, and begin to search for his birth mother. David feels he will never feel complete until he finds her, and hopes Chris Jacobs can help him to finally fill the void and reunite him with his biological mother. Watch the full episode now.

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