Halloween Fun—Here’s How to ‘Boo’ Your Neighbors

posted: 10/20/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Trick or treating and Halloween parties are the highlights of a spooktacular Halloween for your kids. But why not start a new tradition to spread the fun and spirit of Halloween all though your neighborhood? Here's how you can "Boo" your neighbors!

"Booing" has all the rules of a chain letter, but it's a whole lot more fun. First you and your kids put together a small basket of Halloween treats and decorations for someone in your neighborhood. Then at night--or as late as your little ghosts can stay awake--you sneak onto your neighbor's porch, leave the basket of Halloween goodies, place a "You've been Booed" note on their door, and wait to see the booing spread.

The "You've been booed" note should explain to your neighbor that is now their turn to spread the boo, and to leave the note on their door or in their window so everyone knows the Halloween fun has already come to their house. You can even find free pintables of Booed signs--no need to make your own.

My kids absolutely love this tradition. The mystery of who Booed you and the surprise of who you will Boo--it really is a Boo-tiful thing!

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids, they will absolutely love the Halloween goodies--plus nothing in the basket need to be expensive. But if you live in a neighborhood that is mainly adults, you can create a grown-up version of the Booing that has some "Boozing" along with a few treats.

Within in a few days, you'll see the Booed signs filling up your neighborhood, and hopefully you'll wake up to a Boo on your doorstep. If you need a little frighteningly fun inspiration, here's Halloween Hacks to make spooky treats and creepy crafts that you can use to Boo.