Halloween Costumes for Couples (Sure to Bag the Contest Prize)

posted: 10/21/16
by: Katie Morton

Orange is everywhere, from changing leaves to pumpkins on stoops. You know what that means... it's time for Halloween! And with that comes the dreaded, painstaking process of costume selection. Fret not! We're here with some winning ideas for you and your boo.

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    Morticia and Gomez Addams

    Who doesn’t remember this iconic Halloween couple from childhood? Dark, beautiful Morticia was a striking complement to the charismatic and eclectic Gomez. Though offbeat, these two lovers were steamy and spooky. Grab a form fitting black dress and long black wig for Morticia. For Gomez, a dark pinstripe suit will work. Don’t forget Gomez’s iconic moustache—it makes the costume!

  • Image Credit: Instagram/@gregoravitch

    Romeo and Juliet (or Ghoul-iet)

    “Romeo and Juliet were very much in love when they were wed. They honored every vow, but where are they now? They’re dead!” Put a spooky twist on one of literature’s most famous couples by dressing as their ghostly forms. You can use Baz Luhrman’s iconic movie for inspiration. If you use their ghostly forms, you should note that Romeo died from poison and Juliet from a gunshot.

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    Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck from Roman Holiday

    You could be a princess for Halloween…or you could be a bored princess dreaming of a normal life. That’s the plot of Roman Holiday—where the lovely Audrey Hepburn plays a princess who meets and falls in love with an American reporter, played by Gregory Peck. You can win bonus points if you manage to incorporate the iconic motor scooter in your costume! Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World

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    Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World

    Break out those band tees and don those ripped jeans as this funny bromance couple from Wayne’s World. All you need is Wayne’s famous black hat and a long black wig. For Garth, if you already have long blond hair, BONUS! If not, well, at least everything else can be pulled from your attic. Party on man!

  • Image Credit: Instagram/@danni_darlong

    Jamie and Claire Fraser from Outlander

    Dust off those tartans and start practicing your Scottish accent. This Halloween, go as one of TV’s hottest couples from the Starz hit series Outlander. For Jamie, put on a kilt and dye your hair a highland auburn. For Claire, you can chose to dress as an 18th century Scottish highlander or a 1960s Brit. You’ll be everyone’s favorite Sassenach. Whether spooky or funny, glitzy or smart, these Halloween costumes are sure to get you recognized at any party. These recognizable couples span from past to present, funny to whimsical. You’re sure to have as much fun putting your costumes together as you’ll have wearing them to a party!