Hacks to Make Your Winter Wardrobe from Last Year Look Amazing Again

posted: 12/05/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Portrait of beautiful blond woman in white in white sweater and blue hat

From warm fuzzy sweaters to boots and coats, your winter wardrobe is not cheap! So while you may buy a few new items to freshen up your wardrobe, you can still revive everything you wore last winter so that it still looks amazing this season. All you need are a few hacks and you'll be winter runway ready.

Something a little stinky? If your winter wardrobe isn't smelling fresh and clean, add a cup of white vinegar to your laundry to get any odors or stale odors out.

Love the look of a sweater but not how it feels? Mix hair conditioner and white vinegar and soak your sweater in cold water and the mixture for 20 minutes. Take it out of the water and gently massage a small amount of hair conditioner into the sweater and let it sit for another 20 minutes. Finish by rinsing thoroughly and laying the sweater flat to dry.

This one sounds crazy but really does work! Remove dirt from your suede shoes buy rubbing stale bread crust over the stains. Finish by brushing away the crumbs and stains.

A mixture of water and white vinegar will get stains out of your leather boots.

If you have a wool or cashmere sweater that won't stop shedding, toss it into a freezer bag and place it in the freezer before you wear it. You'll be shocked how little the sweater sheds after a quick freeze.

When you wash your cashmere sweaters, only hand wash and use a little baby shampoo. When it's dry, always fold cashmere in thirds to avoid a fold line running down the front.

A makeup sponge works wonders to remove fuzz or fur from your shirts. It's also great at removing old deodorant stains.

Save that pilling sweater by gently rubbing a pumice stone over the pills or lightly run a disposable razor over the sweater. Just be sure to use light strokes that graze the surface of the sweater so you don't damage the material.

Are your shoes and boots from last winter a little stinky? Just sprinkle a little baking soda inside to freshen up your winter footwear.

White vinegar or club soda are perfect for removing stains from wool sweaters. Just blot with a clean cloth.