Hacks for Traveling With Food for ThanksgivinHacks for Traveling With Food for Thanksgivingg

posted: 11/17/16
by: Amanda Mushro

If you're not hosting Thanksgiving dinner but you still want to contribute something besides a bag of ice and wine, we've got the best hacks that will keep all of your food safe, in one piece, and looking delicious. So even if you're traveling across town or even across the state, here's how to pack your food so it arrives ready to eat.

Need to keep the food warm? Put the dish on a seat and crank up the seat warmer. Your dish will still be piping hot when you arrive.

Covering the trunk of your car with towels will help keep dishes and plates from sliding around and will help if any food does spill.

Same goes for towels around each dish. Not only will it help keep your food warm, but it will keep dishes and containers from moving or banging into each other.

If you're bringing the gravy, put it into a thermos for easy to travel and it will stay piping hot.

Mashed potatoes travel well in a crock pot and make for easy re-heating when you arrive so you aren't taking up precious stove space.

You can always make side dishes like veggies or cranberry sauce ahead of time and freeze. Let the food thaw and reheat when you arrive so you don't have to worry about spills.

Volunteer to bring deviled eggs? No problem! Simply put the egg filling inside a freezer bag and put the egg whites in another bag. When you arrive at dinner, simply cut off one end of the freezer bag and use it to pipe the filling into the eggs.

If you're bringing cupcakes, take a cereal box and cut a large hole across the front of the box. Then line the box with aluminum foil for a DIY cupcake carrying case. You can safely put your cupcakes inside and not worry they will get ruined during your drive.

Even though you usually fill your cooler with ice, it can also keep food warm too. Pack all of your warm food in aluminum foil and put it inside a cooler. If you need more heat, warm bricks wrapped in foil in the oven then place them at the bottom of the cooler. The heat from the bricks will ensure your food stays delicious and warm.

If traveling with a cake, consider icing it and adding decorative garnishes when you arrive.