Grocery Shopping Tips to Get You Through the Week

posted: 07/25/17
by: Kristine Boyd

You might love grocery shopping or it might be your least favorite thing to do. Either way we have some awesome tips to make your next grocery trip easy and efficient. This way you will only have to go once a week! You will find yourself becoming a pro shopper and getting this task done in no time!

  1. ALWAYS Make a List

The first step to every effective shopping trip is to make a list! It can seem tedious and time consuming so you decide to just wing it. But this often results in you returning to the grocery store at least one more time in the week. By following the next 3 steps you will be able to make a great list with ease.

  1. Know Your Go-Tos

When you start your list think about the things you every almost every day. This might be eggs for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, or trail mix as a snack. Know your regulars and write them down. Once you're at the store you will know to get enough eggs, lettuce and nuts for the week.

  1. Have 3 Basic Dinners in Mind

Planning out 3 meals a week allows you to have 3 nights of dinner, 3 nights of leftovers and 1 night out to eat. You can plan out 3 specific dinners you want to make, but we recommend thinking of 3 basic dinners that can be altered based on what's on sale. An example would be grilled fish and rice. This is a meal that doesn't require a lot of ingredients and can be easily altered based on what protein is on sale.

  1. Section Your List by Major Food Groups

Always section your list by the major food groups. This way you won't be running all over the grocery store trying to get all your items. You will be able to shop by section and only have to make one round around the store.

  1. Keep Produce General

Unless you need a specific kind of produce for a recipe, keep it general. If you write that you want strawberries and mango, you might skip over the fact that kiwis and grapes are on sale. Instead, write that you need 2 fruits. This way you will look for the cheapest option at the store!

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  1. Don't Be Afraid of the Frozen Section

Frozen meals may not always be the way to go, but there are loads of healthy frozen options on the market today! Frozen fruits and vegetables are also an awesome purchase. They last a long time and will stay fresh! This way you don't have to worry about things going bad.

  1. Grab a Splurge Item

If you absolutely love the cold brew coffee or bottle of wine that is a few dollars more expensive than you would usually spend, go for it! Buy one thing that will bring you joy throughout the week. You deserve it! Everyone needs to pick up one splurge item every grocery trip. Treat yourself!

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