Grab the tissues! Long Lost Family is back. Get a first look!

posted: 01/14/17
by: TLCme

Long Lost Family Is Back!

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Grab the tissues. A new season of Long Lost Family premieres on February 12 at 9/8c.

Grab the tissues! Long Lost Family is back for a second season and spinoff series, Long Lost Family: What Happened Next.

If you missed the first season of Long Lost Family, each episode features deeply moving and heartfelt stories of people who have been separated for decades and are longing to be reconnected with lost loved ones. During each episode, hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner, who are both adopted and have personal experience tracing their own biological family members, meet with people from a variety of backgrounds. The new season will premiere on Sunday, February 12
th at 9/8c.

This season will feature those who have been haunted by the sudden disappearance of their parents, siblings that believe in each other's existence but have never had it confirmed, and parents who yearn to discover what became of the babies they reluctantly had to part with ages ago.

The spinoff series Long Lost Family: What Happened Next premieres on Sunday, January 15th at 10/9c and follows the journeys of what happens with participants after the reunions. Relationships become more complicated, new truths come to light, and never-before-known family members come forward. The spinoff tracks the developments in several of the most talked about stories featured in the first season.

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