Going to Concerts Can Help You Live Longer, According to a New Study

posted: 04/13/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Crowd raising their hands and enjoying great festival party.
There are plenty of ways to live a heathier and hopefully longer life--eat the right foods, exercise often, and reduce stress in your life. But new research says it could be a lot easier to live longer because all you need to do is listen to some live music.

According to a new study, regularly attending concerts can help you live longer. The study cites just 20 minutes of live music can lead to a 21 percent increase of feelings of well-being and happiness. As participants listened to music at a concert, their feelings of self-worth increased as did feelings of closeness to others. Also, mental stimulation climbed by an impressive 75%. So as the music plays, concert goers feel better and healthier. Taking this feelings a step further, researchers said that over time, concertgoers can actually live longer because of these increases in happiness.

"Regularly experiencing live music is the key to building a long-standing improvement to wellbeing," says author of the study Patrick Fagan, an expert in behavioral science and lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.

So how often do you attend a concert to receive these life changing feelings? According to the study, participants who had the highest levels of happiness, contentment, productivity and self-esteem were attending concerts once every two weeks or more.

Now this is the point in the study where they've lost most of us. Two concerts a month? Do my kids practicing their piano count as a concert? How about me singing loudly in the shower or in my car? That makes me pretty happy. What if I just turn the music up louder around the house? I still have so many questions about this ones.

While I can't imagine I'll be attending concerts once every two weeks, this study does make me want to check out a few more live shows. Even if those happy feelings don't increase my life, it's still a great reason to plan a fun night out.