Go Wild Over The New TLC Series Our Wild Life

posted: 04/12/18
by: Kate Meroski
Bobbie Jo Abrams
Abrams Family

TLC is going WILD! Introducing the new series Our Wild Life.

Our Wild Life follows the lively Abrams, a modern-day family with a twist. Lovable matriarch Bobbi Jo and her husband Jerry Abrams have 84 kids, but only three of them are human! With 16 acres of land at their fingertips, the Abrams have adopted and nurtured 81 animals, many of which reside in their home. Their extended family includes a zebra and camel as well as kangaroos, alpacas, llamas, wallabies and a recently adopted sloth. Throughout the series, viewers will get a chance to tag along with this lovable, blended family as they navigate the everyday joys and challenges that come along with raising children, while also managing the havoc that naturally arises as a result of tending to a house overrun with animals.

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