Go Inside Rockland Ranch on Three Wives, One Husband.

posted: 02/15/18
by: Kate Meroski

Rockland Ranch is a closed community deep in the Utah desert. It's home to 14 Fundamentalist Mormon families, many of who practice polygamy. Members of the neighborhood blast away rocks to build their houses directly into the canyon they call home!

A private community, the people of Rockland Ranch opened their doors for one year to give an inside look at their way of life on Three Wives, One Husband.

The series premieres on March 11th at 10/9c on TLC, and across four episodes you'll meet the men, women, and families who have built their lives in "The Rock." Here are some of the couples you'll meet:

Enoch Foster is happily married to wives Catrina and Lillian (who is expecting the Foster's 17th child!) Now Enoch has begun wooing a third wife, 25-year old Lydia. They family hopes she'll agree to join their family soon.

Next door to the Fosters, Abel Morrison lives with his three wives and 11 children. But his newest wife, Marina, has had a difficult time adjusting to plural marriage. Can these sister wives overcome their differences, or will they never escape chaos and jealousy?

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