Glitter Beer is Here and It’s Almost Too Pretty to Drink

posted: 03/23/18
by: TLCme

We have seen drink trends rapidly escalate in the past few years. From canned wine to hard seltzer water, unique cocktails have become America's favorite new hobby. Craft drink makers everywhere have taken their typical beverages up a notch. The newest trend to hit the bar scene is something that is almost too pretty to drink: glitter beer!

Breweries all over the country are now adding edible glitter into their beers to add a special, sparkly touch. This bedazzled beverage received a lot of hype over social media, especially around St. Patrick's Day. But due to the recent surge of viral glitter beer photos on social media, more breweries are starting to adopt this trend. We have seen this beer pop up in Ska Brewing in Colorado, Three Weavers Brewing Company in California and at Bold Missy Brewery in North Carolina.

These swirling, glittery masterpiece can be made from any beer variety. Whether you like lagers or stouts, edible glitter can be added for a festive touch! If you don't have a brewery near you, there are plenty of online stores that sell edible glitter! Add your favorite beer to a pint glass, throw in some glitter and you have yourself the perfect party drink.

While many are exciting about this fun trend, various beer connoisseurs are not 100 percent on board. People agree, yes, the beer is pretty, but what does it do the flavor? The answer is nothing. Edible glitter being added to drinks is purely for aesthetics. Avid beer drinkers find glitter beer to be trendy but pointless since it offers no added depth to the beverage. And while this glitter is completely safe to eat, many think anything that sparkles shouldn't be put in your body (especially in combination with alcohol).

Whether you are a beer lover or not, we can all agree that this is a stunning beverage. With the many mixed opinions on this trendy beer, we want to hear what you think. Leave a comment on social media letting us know whether you think glitter beer is pretty or pointless.