Give A Little TLC Award Winner Monica Lewinsky Combats Bullying with New Video

posted: 10/17/17
by: TLCme

In September, Give A Little TLC honored Monica Lewinsky and many others for their unwavering support of bullying prevention. Now that it's October, Bullying Prevention Month, Monica has continued to show that her mission to take down cyberbullying isn't ending any time soon.

She told People Magazine that she create the above PSA, "In Real Life," to illustrate "how people hiding behind a screen will write something they'd never say to someone's face -- and what that says about the inhumanity of their actions. It's a stark and shocking mirror to people to rethink how we behave online versus the ways that we would behave in person."

Although the bullies and those being bullied in the video are only actors, the kind people who step in are not.

"Their reactions and actions were real. It was heartening to see real New Yorkers stand up for people. I especially loved that most intervened without bullying the bully, but instead standing up for the targets," said Monica.

You can learn more about TLC's efforts in bullying prevention at TLC.com/GiveALittle.