Girl with Rare Illness Steals the Show at Zumba Convention

posted: 08/24/15
by: Mara Betsch
audrey nethery zumba
YouTube/Scott Nethery

Audrey Nethery, a six-year-old girl with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia, proved that she was more than her illness when she had everyone tapping their feet at the Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida.

In her particular type of anemia, red blood cells don't form properly, and patients must usually treated with corticosteroids and blood transfusions. Despite dealing with her condition, she loves to dance and sing -- and clearly has energy to spare!

She's been dancing since she was only a year old, and when her local Louisville, Kentucky, gym began offering Zumba classes, she gave it a try. Her mother uploaded an adorable video of Audrey performing a Zumba routine to Facebook, and it caught the eye of the corporate Zumba office. The called to invite her to the convention, sent a group of instructors to help her learn a routine and sent her and her family to to the convention in Florida.

As you can see, she completely steals the show with her adorable dance moves and indomitable spirit.