‘GIF’ To Know Whitney Thore

posted: 11/02/15
by: Rebecca Goldberg

GIF To Know Whitney

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Get to know Whitney via some fun gifs and videos!

Whitney's best Babs impression:

As we know all too well, Babs knows best!

Whitney's favorite sport:

There's no shortage of laughter -- and undergarments -- when Whitney and Babs hit the pool together.

Whitney's favorite hobby:

And she always tells it like it is in her Episode Breakdowns.

Whitney's favorite dance move?

And then there was that time Whitney split her pants in the grocery store.

What makes Whitney laugh?

Pastalavista baby!

How Whitney handles the haters:

And she knows just how to keep it positive.

Whitney's favorite workout!

We wouldn't want to face Whitney in the ring! She can bring it!

For more Whitney, you can listen to the My Big Fat Fabulous Life Podcast here, and see her break down each episode with behind-the-scenes details here!