‘GIF’ To Know Jazz Jennings

posted: 07/23/17
by: Molly Moran

When she's not busy starring in her own reality show, being an advocate for transgender youth, attending the ESPYS, and running a YouTube channel, Jazz Jennings is just your average 14 year-old girl! We were able to catch up with her between 'I Am Jazz' screenings and a reception at the White House (YUP. The. WHITE. HOUSE.)--and we learned a lot about some of her favorite things!

1.) She's an athlete

Don't be surprised if Jazz ends up on the USWNT some day. She is a very skilled soccer player and is considering trying out for varsity as a freshman this fall.

2.) She's an artist

Jazz could also end up in The Met. She is an extremely talented artist, loves to paint, and has also recently dipped her toes into the world of digital editing.

3.) She's a 'Walking Dead' Head

Besides watching her own family on TV, Jazz likes to watch people get eaten by zombies. Or something. We only watch TLC.

4.) She has a sweet tooth

When we asked her what her favorite food is, she said chocolate milkshakes. Respect.

5.) Math and science are her favorite subjects

If you ever forget how to divide fractions or have a question about the periodic table of elements, Jazz is your girl.

6) She loves her bestie

It's hard out there for an incoming high school freshman--especially when you're transgender! Luckily Jazz has an amazing group of friends that keep her smiling through the good times and the bad.

7.) Love is her biggest motivation

Jazz has an incredibly loving and supportive family, and she does not take that for granted. While she has a long, hard road ahead, she knows that with the love of her family and friends, anything is possible.