Get to Know the Ladies Featured on My Giant Life

posted: 08/16/17
by: Marina Luciano-Carson

Some of TV's biggest personalities are back with the third season of My Giant Life - premiering Sunday, September 17th at 10/9c!

This season has some major changes in store - including a brand new Giant!

Haleigh, 6'7"

Haleigh, and Bryan traded the California sun for the Tennessee sky, and are celebrating one year of marital bliss. Life seems perfect, that is, until an unexpected pregnancy filled with potential complications threatens to derail their new life.

Alicia Jay, 6'6"

Newcomer Alicia Jay, is 6'6" and a 36-year-old virgin, but she doesn't let that define her! She's tall, proud, and on the lookout for a man accepts her for her! Will she find what she's looking for or will she fall short of her expectations?

Katja, 6'9"

Katja, and wife Julie have baby fever and have finally decided who will carry the baby! But when meetings with potential sperm donors don't go to plan - they're left wondering if a kid is in the cards after all.

Lindsay, 6'9"

Viva Las Lindsay! After a tough break-up, Lindsay heads to the Las Vegas strip - determined to make it in the big leagues. Needing a roommate in the new city, social media saves the day by bringing her Krista, 6'6". Will their shared height bring them together or is this twosome doomed from the start?

Colleen "Coco", 6'6"

Coco and boyfriend, Will are still going strong in Austin...for now. There might be trouble in paradise when Coco reveals she wants to see other people.

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