Get to Know ‘ Say Yes to the Dress’ UK Wedding Dress Expert David Emanuel

posted: 02/27/17
by: Rebecca Goldberg

As a perfect pairing to the 10-year anniversary, TLC is launching Say Yes to the Dress UK to give viewers a double dose of bridal magic, but this time from across the pond. Host David Emanuel, who designed the late Princess Diana's wedding gown with his ex-wife, brings his expertise to help more women find their dress for happily ever after.

Get to know bridal gown expert David Emanuel, with a little Q&A, before this Saturday's premiere event!

When did you first start loving all things bridal?

As a design student, I always thought the big known designers were very flippant with ending their collections with an outrageous bride. I had a vision of how to make luxury accessible. Of course, I had no idea what was to come--or that the famous Royal dress would become my calling card around the world and help me to achieve all of this. The icing on the cake for me was working with, and getting to know the wonderful Diana.

Where did you get your start?

I attended Cardiff College of Art, Harrow School of Art and the Royal College of Art -- seven years in all!

What, in your life, acted as an influencer?

Getting to the finals of the student bridal wear competition at Harrow, made me re-think bridal fashion.

What was it like being a part of the design of such a famous gown?

It was intimate and fun. Diana was always full of fun, and what made it so special was that it was just the three of us. We were not bogged down by any Royal protocol or red tape.

What trends are you seeing now in the wedding sphere?

Every bride seems obsessed with the fishtail silhouette or, as I call it, the Jessica Rabbit look. I remind brides that this silhouette looks fabulous in photographs-- but you cannot sit, eat, or even dance in this silhouette. So choose carefully!

Are bridal trends in the UK different from current trends in the US?

I think the dream is the same, but the journey may be different. I think that on the whole our U.S. brides like more lavish and have bigger budgets to play with.

Advice for a bride who is shopping with an entourage who has a strong vision of what they think she should wear?

Listen to your heart and trust your instincts. A bride usually knows when she can say 'Yes' to the dress!

What are you most excited for viewers to see in SYTTD UK?

I think you will see how similar we all are, but there will be some great and surprising moments that you do not want to miss.

How do you know when a dress is THE dress?

You just know!

Advice for a bride who is shopping for her dress and is overwhelmed by options?

Do your research and try to arrive with an open mind because what might look great on a hanger may not look great on you. Also, of course, watch the show!

Join us in celebrating 10 years of weddings with Say Yes to the Dress and Say Yes to the Dress UK, premiering this Saturday at 8//7c on TLC!

I cannot wait to come over to the USA and meet all the American brides - I know we will have a blast. - David


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