Get to Know Jana Duggar in the Next Episode of “Counting On”

posted: 03/18/16
by: TLCme

First Look: Date Night and Bright Lights

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Get a first look at this week's episode of Counting On.

"When it comes to getting something done, you gotta get Jana involved," Jessa Seewald explains in this first look from the next episode of "Counting On." Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter in the Duggar family, leads the charge in the development of a DIY project for the Seewalds. We all love a good home improvement project!

As you can see from this first look, Jana has experience in being leader to her family. Her sisters Jessa and Joy share how she's always been a great big sister and all-around helpful hand around the house. Just like her siblings, Jana Duggar is making her own way this season, figuring out adulthood and establishing her own standards for the future. We're excited to follow her journey throughout this season!

Discover how Jessa and Jana's DIY project turns out on Tuesday's all new episode of "Counting On" at 9/8c. If you missed last week's premiere episode, you can watch it here.