Get the Romance Rundown on Spouse House Week 9

posted: 09/08/17
by: Kate Meroski

It was the final week in the Spouse House, and NOTHING went as expected! Four couples had the chance to propose, but after fake-outs, blundered proposals, and cold feet...no one left with a ring on their finger. Don't miss the Spouse House tell-all Sunday 10/9c to see what the singles (and married couples) now have to say for themselves!

Each week TLCme brought you a Romance Rundown based on your votes and their latest romantic or awkward moments. Let's recap the final episode.

Scott and Tracy

Everyone was rooting for Scott and Tracy, and week to week voters said the two had out-of-this-world chemistry! But after a disastrous visit with Scott's parents, he had second thoughts. Scott shocked Tracy and the rest of the house when he stood up during the proposal ceremony to confess he wasn't ready for marriage. Crazier still, Scott admitted he wasn't sure if he wanted to be with Tracy at all. After this shocking admission, their chemistry ranking fell to only 67% voting YES.

Darren and Isabella

Everyone held their breath when Darren stood up to talk during the final engagement ceremony. He and Isabella's relationship had been rocky and unpredictable, and most voters said their chemistry was not a good fit for marriage. Still, Isabella was devastated and angry when Darren announced he wasn't going to propose. Voters weren't so surprised, since only 22% think the pair has chemistry.

Tom and Michelle

Michelle and Tom were a wild card! Although the two only just met, they entered a trial marriage and even traveled to Las Vegas together to spend time with Tom's friends. But there was no spur of the moment Vegas wedding for the pair. During the engagement ceremony Tom seemed like he planned to propose, but after bringing up his Spouse House ex Ashley Lauren in his would-be proposal, Michelle was totally turned off. Still, maybe there is hope left? 53% of voters noticed a spark between the two.

Ashley and Mike

Awkward, awkward, awkward. That's the only way to describe Ashley K and Mike's super-speed trial marriage. Neither were each other's first choice, but they stuck it out together in the Spouse House for one last shot at love. After Ashley K shot down his suggestion to share a bed, voters knew they were doomed. Only 31% felt any chemistry between them.

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