Get the Romance Rundown on Spouse House Week 7

posted: 08/22/17
by: Emily Livermore

The Spouse House was filled with love (and drama!) this week when everyone celebrated the marriage of Jimmy and Kelli Jo. Don't miss a second of the romance by watching The Spouse House every Sunday at 10/9c and casting your vote on the Chemistry Meter.

Each week TLCme will bring you a Romance Rundown based on your votes and their latest romantic or awkward moments. This week Kelli Jo and Jimmy got married! Let's recap who else has a shot at marriage this season, or even next week!

Jimmy and Kelli Jo

This week, everyone got to celebrate the love between Jimmy and Kelli Jo. They are the second couple to be married in the Spouse House and we couldn't be happier for them! Kelli Jo picked out a beautiful dress with Ashley Lauren's help, who was hoping she would be next to say "I do." Jimmy and Kelli Jo's friends and family all came to the house for the beautiful wedding with a country twist--hay bales as seating and cowboy boots for the wedding party! They felt so lucky to have their parents support as they enter this new and exciting phase of life. Viewers felt the same, with 89% feeling the heat between the newlyweds.

Darren and Isabella

Isabella has been very hesitant about entering an "exploratory marriage" with Darren, but this week something changed. Seeing the love between Jimmy and Kelli Jo inspired this couple to take the next step. Isabella is ready to get over her fears and really commit to Darren and focus on growing their relationship. Perhaps she will be next to walk down the aisle! Voters aren't so sure, only 23% think these two have what it takes.

Tom and Ashley Lauren

It was an emotional week for Tom and Ashley Lauren. They have put so much energy into their relationship but something is just not working. When the singles first came into the house, Tom had a shot with Kelli Jo but chose Ashley Lauren instead. Even though Ashley still wants to work on their relationship, Tom decided it was time to move on. Voters agreed with his decision, with 90% saying it was time to breakup.

Scott and Tracy

This couple is on the fast track and it doesn't look like they are slowing down. At the wedding, Tracy was totally direct with Scott and asked if he saw them getting married soon! These two are falling for each other more and more each day. But is their love one that will last? 93% of voters think so!

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