Get the Romance Rundown on Spouse House Week 5

posted: 08/07/17
by: Emily Livermore

Week 5 in The Spouse House started with a bang when no one proposed and THREE people left the house! Don't miss a second of the drama by watching The Spouse House every Sunday at 10/9c and casting your vote on the Chemistry Meter.

Each week TLCme will bring you a Romance Rundown based on your votes and their latest romantic or awkward moments. This week three new singles came into the house and shook things up with couples we thought were on the road to marriage. Now let's recap which couples do have a shot at marriage this season, or even next week!

KJ and Jimmy W5

Things got serious between Kelli Jo and Jimmy this week. The relationship experts helped them take a major step by flying them to Kelli Jo's hometown so Jimmy could meet her parents. Jimmy was under a lot of pressure to impress the family, but nothing could compare to the nerves he had once he decided to ask for her father's permission to propose! There is no doubt that both of Kelli Jo's parents were unsure about their daughter's accelerated relationship, but Jimmy managed to charm them anyway. Almost all of the viewers believe their chemistry is genuine and, lucky for Jimmy, so did Kelli Jo's dad. He was able to walk away from the trip with permission to propose!

AK and Tom W5

Tom and Ashley Lauren have had their fair share of "rough patches" and week 5 was no different. The relationship experts figured it was time to give these two a break. Ashley K is a new single in the house specifically selected as a match for Tom. They found their spark during a painting class but, while Tom was happy with this new relationship, Ashley Lauren struggled to let him go. Viewers are torn over whether or not Tom and Ashley K have a real shot at going all the way but looks like Ashley Lauren is not giving up on Tom without a fight!

I and D W5

Darren hit the batting cages with his new match, Isabella this week. Isabella said if Darren made 5 hits in a row, he would be rewarded with a kiss. Obviously, they were physically attracted to each other from the start! But, is there genuine chemistry? 79% of viewers seem to think so! Isabella was briefly married and is finally ready for a fresh start with someone new. While they are both ready to see where their relationship can go, they have personal concerns about how their families would view an interracial marriage and what other challenges may arise in the future.

M and C W5

Poor Missy and Chris. They are not well liked inside OR outside the house. Yesnaya sees their relationship as dysfunctional and 90% of voters agree! This week, the two of them faced their first real argument. If they do get married, they agree that having kids is very important to them. However, once they have kids, they have opposite opinions regarding vaccinations. Missy is against the vaccinations and Chris believes they are necessary. And, these are not opinions that either of them wants to give up. At the engagement ceremony that ended this week's episode, Missy shocked us all by deciding to leave the Spouse House. Will Chris go with her? Tune in Sunday at 10/9c to find out.

This week, Kelli Jo and Jimmy made strides in their relationship and 92% of voters are on board with them! Isabella and Darren are not too far behind with 79% agreeing that their chemistry is strong. The other new couple, Ashley K and Tom, seems to have an uncertain future. But, 44% think it's promising! Once again, Missy and Chris come in last with only 10% of positive votes.

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