Get the Romance Rundown on Spouse House Week 3

posted: 07/24/17
by: Emily Livermore

It was another emotional week at The Spouse House. Love is in the air after just three weeks into the singles' journeys! Don't miss a second of the drama by watching The Spouse House every Sunday at 10/9c and casting your vote on the Chemistry Meter.

Each week TLCme will bring you a Romance Rundown based on your votes and their latest romantic or awkward moments. This week, four couples were placed in an "exploratory marriage" to see if they could see themselves together long-term. Now let's recap which couples might have a shot at marriage this season, or even next week!

Kelli Jo and Jimmy

Viewers are not 100% sold on the chemistry between Jimmy and Kelli Jo but the spark between them is definitely promising! Throughout their week in an exploratory marriage, Jimmy went the extra mile to make sure Kelli Jo knew he was very serious about her. The endless compliments and affirmations about his feelings for her is something she never received when she was with Tom. At the engagement ceremony, Jimmy and Kelli Jo decided to stay together exclusively for another week. Tune in Sunday to see if their relationship grows.

N and D

Week three and this couple is still going strong! Viewers loved the connection between Yesnaya and Danny during their time in an exploratory marriage. In fact, 90% agreed the couple had chemistry this week. Danny saw this week as a chance to prove himself as a husband to Yesnaya with kind gestures like making her breakfast and giving her flowers. But, what really stood out to Yesnaya was the letter Danny wrote her about how he believed he was ready to be a father. At the engagement ceremony, Danny proved his commitment to her by proposing! Do you think Yesnaya will accept?

AL and T

This was not the best week for Ashley Lauren and Tom. During week one, 68% of viewers saw the chemistry between them. But this week...only 33% did. In the couple's defense, they had to deal with the curve ball of Albert proposing to Ashley! While she was honored by this, she had to turn him down because she was more invested in her relationship with Tom. Saying "no" to one man's proposal and then starting an exploratory marriage with someone else the next day was not an ideal circumstance for romance. Despite some intense arguments, Tom and Ashley Lauren decided to stay together for another week. Will they fall in love or fall apart?

M and C

Even after a week in an exploratory marriage, viewers are not feeling the chemistry here! Missy and Chris made it through the week without any major arguments but can they really go all the way? Missy certainly knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell Chris. When they were talking by the pool, she did not hold back--and that meant talking about all the things she liked about the other guys in the house! A little bit of an awkward conversation for Chris but obviously not a deal breaker because this couple will be staying together for another week!

This week Danny and Yesnaya stayed in the lead with 90% of voters agreeing they have chemistry. Kelli Jo and Jimmy are not too far behind but 25% of the viewers still don't see the connection there. Viewers are fairly split about Ashley Lauren and Tom but it's not looking good with only 33% saying they have chemistry. However, according to the voters, they still have a lot more chemistry than Chris and Missy!

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