Get the Romance Rundown on Spouse House Week 2

posted: 07/17/17
by: Emily Livermore

Only two weeks in and things are heating up at The Spouse House! Don't miss a second of the drama, remember to watch The Spouse House every Sunday at 10/9c and cast your vote on the Chemistry Meter.

Each week TLCme will bring you a Romance Rundown based on your votes and their latest romantic or awkward moments. This week, two new singles were thrown into the house, creating tension between the already established connections. Now let's recap which couples might have a shot at marriage this season!

AL and A W2

Albert saw the love triangle between Ashley Lauren, Kelli Jo, and Tom, and seized it as an opportunity to get Ashley's attention. His initiative sparked Ashley's interest while Tom was still making up his mind about which relationship he wanted to pursue. But viewers were not convinced there was any real chemistry there. During week 1, voters thought Tom had slightly stronger chemistry with Ashley Lauren than Kelli Jo and they were right! By the end of week 2, Tom broke up with Kelli Jo and told Ashley that he wanted to be with her. At the engagement ceremony, however, Albert surprised us all by getting down on one knee and proposing to Ashley despite Tom's decision! He clearly read their connection a little differently...Tune in next Sunday to see if voters were way off about this couple's chemistry!

Missy and Chris

Missy and Chris themselves might be the only ones that believe they have a real shot at marriage, because viewers were not on board with their relationship. Last week people were feeling the chemistry between Chris and Brianne. But as soon as Missy stepped in to assert her feelings at the engagement ceremony, Chris was caught in a love triangle. Missy spent the week flirting with multiple guys by the pool, until the engagement ceremony when Chris became her front runner. Brianne was heartbroken and wanted Chris to make a choice like Tom did between Ashley Lauran and Kelli Jo. Is the chemistry the voters sensed last week between Chris and Brianne legitimate? Or will Chris surprise us like Albert and propose to Missy?

KJ and Jimmy

Kelli Jo was hung up on Tom from the start, while Jimmy was waiting to make his move. This week, Tom broke things off with Kelli Jo and Jimmy got his chance. He spent time with Kelli Jo outside where they got to laugh and play cornhole. Kelli Jo realized that maybe fate did not bring her to The Spouse House just to be with Tom, and viewers agreed. Last week, Jimmy had a hard time connecting with Missy but this week most of the voters agree that he had great chemistry with Kelli Jo! Time will tell if their playful flirting can turn into something more serious or even lead to a proposal.

Naya and Danny

Yesnaya and Danny had a connection from the start, and viewers definitely agree there is chemistry between the two. But this week Yesnaya wanted to get to know Jake, one of the new singles, and Danny couldn't hide his jealousy. Yesnaya tried to talk to him multiple times but he shut her out. She began doubting whether someone so passive would be a good match for her at all. Finally, they sat down and had an honest conversation where she expressed that Danny would have to be more assertive to get her attention. Yesnaya doesn't just have to find a husband, she has to find a father for her son. Danny will have to step up if he wants to be the man for both jobs.

So this week it seems like Danny and Yesnaya are winning by a long shot, with 89% of voters feeling their chemistry! People also loved Kelli Jo and Jimmy as a couple, at 70% thinking they could go all the way. No one feels that way about the surprise pair of Ashley Lauren and Albert, however. Finally, coming in last is Missy and Chris with only 11% rooting for their relationship.

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