Get the Romance Rundown on Spouse House Week 1

posted: 07/11/17
by: Emily Livermore

The singles living in The Spouse House are evaluating each other for husband and wife potential. Get in on the action by watching The Spouse House every Sunday at 10/9c and casting your vote on the Chemistry Meter.

Each week TLCme will bring you a Romance Rundown based on your votes and their latest romantic or awkward moments. This week, you met the singles and voted on their initial chemistry. Now let's recap which couples might have a shot at marriage this season!

Kelli Jo and Tom

Kelli Jo and Tom are the only two singles in the house that have a history with each other! After an unsuccessful date 10 years ago, has fate brought them back together for a second chance? According to the Chemistry Meter, viewers are torn if these two have a real shot at love. Kelli Jo took it upon herself to approach Tom at the first cocktail party so the two of them could address the past. Later, when they got some more casual one-on-one time to play some basketball, they were much more comfortable with each other. Having met before, even if it was a decade ago, may be an advantage for this pair!

Missy and Jimmy

People were not feeling the love when it came to Missy and Jimmy. Missy, a woman who knows what she wants, may have come on a little too strong during her one-on-one time with Jimmy. While playing pool, their conversation quickly turned from light-and-flirty to very personal. With limited time in The Spouse House, Missy is in no mood to waste it. But her direct approach was not very effective with Jimmy. Their mutual physical-attraction might not matter if voters are right--there's no chemistry!

Brianne and Chris

Of all the potential couples, viewers were most confident about the chemistry between Brianne and Chris. They had an instant connection the first night, and it continued on their romantic picnic date. Despite being strangers just hours earlier, Chris and Brianne seemed comfortable together and were playfully flirty right up to the engagement ceremony. In fact, Chris confessed his feelings for Brianne in front of the other singles during ceremony. It looked like he was ready to propose, but Missy interrupted before he got the chance! Will Brianne and Chris be the first couple to get engaged?

Ashley and Tom

Even though Tom and Kelli Jo have a history, viewers thought he had better chemistry with Ashley Lauren. These two hit it off right away once they discovered their shared values. They both believe they would make a great "power couple." It was a small setback for Ashley Lauren when Kelli Jo interrupted them at the cocktail party, but, Tom didn't forget about her. He made sure to strike up a conversation with her next to the pool, where all of the other guys were focused on Yesnaya.

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