Get Stacy London’s Best Tips for Rocking a Jumpsuit

posted: 05/08/15
by: TLC

The Connection Between Style & Confidence

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How changing your style can change how you see yourself and therefore change your self esteem for the positive.

As Stacy so eloquently puts it in the video above, the best accessory you can have is confidence. And when it comes to rocking a jumpsuit, confidence is key, but so is a good fit. Jumpsuit aficionado Stacy spoke to Elle and spilled her secrets for finding the perfect jumpsuit for your body. Here are her top 3 tips:
  1. If it is meant to be tailored and formal, the fit in the rise (crotch) is most important.
  2. If you are going for something looser and a bit more oversized, then a drop crotch is acceptable. (Many of the more casual jumpsuits are cut that way.)
  3. For petite ladies (women under 5'3"), stick to fitted jumpsuits only. Oversized will simply overwhelm your frame, and no one wants to look like they took up residence in their clothing.
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