Get Even More of Your Wedding Makeover Fix with New Show Say Yes: Wedding SOS

posted: 12/21/17
by: TLCme

What happens when a couple has gotten so comfortable together, they finally decide to tie the knot but don't recognize themselves in the mirror? It's time for Say Yes: Wedding SOS! The new series premiering on TLC Saturday, January 20th at 9 p.m., will transform these couples in time for the wedding day of their dreams!

With everyday challenges of balancing work, kids, and romance, the couples featured in each hour-long episode are looking for a makeover that will reignite their confidence as well as the spark in their relationship! Coming to their aid is none other than style expert George Kotsiopoulous! From wardrobe and hair to veneers and tattoo removal, the couple will meet each other at the altar in front of their friends and family with a brand new look. Viewers will also get an inside look at all the tricks up George's sleeve, like custom suit fitting, liposuction, corrective eye surgery, microblading and laser hair removal, just to name a few.

The season premiere will feature Lisa and Vinny from Clifton Heights, PA. After dating for 8 years, this couple, who both work together as part of a road construction crew, has decided to tie the knot. However, with a baby on board, they haven't had much time to focus on themselves, let alone plan the wedding of their dreams. Instead, they spend most nights hunkered down on the couch eating junk food and watching movies. George has his work cut out for him--can he turn couch potatoes into hot potatoes with only 10 days until the wedding?

Watch it all unfold on TLC's new Saturday night wedding block, starting Saturday, January 20th!