Get A Sneak Peek Of My Little Life

posted: 03/12/18
by: Kate Meroski

There's nothing easy about finding your path in life! On the new series My Little Life, you'll meet five young little people from across the country as they work to overcome the struggles of a world made for average-sized people--not to mention facing the usual coming-of-age challenges like balancing family, friends, work, and the search for love.

Follow these five young adults on a journey to live life to the fullest. In addition to overcoming their own personal challenges, each sets out to pursue their dreams and find love in a big world. In order to become independent adults, they must step out of their comfort zones and face a reality that is daunting for any young adult.

My Little Life premieres April 3rd at 10/9c, after the return of Little People, Big World at 9/8c. Stay tuned for the latest updates, 'Like' TLC on Facebook and follow #MyLittleLife on social media to learn more about the new series!