Georgia Man Arrested For Allegedly Spanking A Stranger’s 2 Year Old In A Grocery Store

posted: 02/12/18
by: TLCme

Logan Morris was shopping in a supermarket in Georgia waiting in line to checkout with his two-year old son. As they were waiting a lollypop caught the eye of the young toddler and he began to ask his father for it, as most children (and maybe adults) would do. Morris told his son "No it's too late bud," according to WXIA-TV and according to WSB-TV the child did not even throw a tantrum.

A stranger, 62-year old Juan Martinez, who was also waiting in line decided to intervene to disapline the little boy and according to Morris, Martinez "grabbed my son's left hand, smacked it and then turned him around and smacked him on the rear end, I wanna say three times," Morris told WSB, explaining that he was struggling to "just stay calm."

Morris proceeded to leave the supermarket and call the police. Officers reported that Martinez eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol. As of now according to Kidspot, he's being held on charges including battery, child cruelty, disorderly conduct, obstructing officers and violating probation.

Morris's son has been left unharmed, but "astonished this guy decided to spank him."

Morris commented saying "That's my son and at the end of the day, I'll discipline him how I believe he needs to be disciplined. I was shocked. I was scared. Of course I was angry and defensive. That's my heart."