Genius Skincare Hacks to Get Through the Winter Months

posted: 01/03/18
by: Kristine Boyd


Winter is here and our skin is feeling the effects. Walking around in this cold, dry weather does no favors for our skin. No matter how many thick creams we put on, it still doesn't seem to help. Not to worry! We have some genius skincare hacks that actually work! You will have your hydrated, glowing skin back in no time. Just a few tricks can make a big difference!

  1. Hydrate!

While this may seem like a given, it is something that many of us often forget. Hydration starts from within. We can't have gorgeous, hydrated skin unless our bodies are properly hydrated first. Try drinking 8 glasses, or 2 liters, of water a day. This will ensure that your skin is getting all the help it needs from within!

  1. Make an Oatmeal Mask

When hydrating your body doesn't seem to be enough, it's time to start working from the outside. Avoid using harsh chemicals and go for something all natural. A great way to hydrate the skin fast is with a homemade oatmeal mask. Simply mix oatmeal with warm water and apply to your face for 10-15 minutes. Your skin will thank you!

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  1. Use Luke Warm Water

When you have been out in the cold for a bit, nothing sounds better than taking a hot shower. However, letting hot water run down your skin after being in the cold is actually drying your skin out even more. Try using lukewarm water and you will notice a huge difference in your skin's texture.

  1. Less Facewash is More!

After a long day of wearing makeup and running errands, you probably want to wash the day off. Many make the mistake of using too much facial cleanser to the point where it actually does more harm than good. Use just enough to allow the cleanser to wash your face. The less chemicals and products you put on your face the better!

  1. Apply Lotion Straight After Your Shower

This is a great tip that many don't think about. You are taught to first use warm water to open your pores, then wash your face. Apply this same process but with your moisturizer. By applying your face lotion straight out of the shower, or on damp skin, will help the product better soak into your face. This will make any product you are using much more effective!

Having dry, flaky skin can be frustrating and uncomfortable. With just a few changes, you will be able to notice a huge difference in your skin. By following these tips, you can have hydrated, glowing skin all winter long! Click here to find out Kate Middleton's top skincare secret!