Genius Bath Toys That Will Make Your Kids Love Bath Time

posted: 05/29/18
by: Kristine Boyd

As a parent, most of your time is spent trying to entertain your kids. By the end of the day you have run out of ideas, games and cartoons to play. Fill up those last moments of entertainment in the day with exciting bath time games. Personal hygiene isn't the most exciting activity for young children, but if you make it into a fun experience, they will be entertained for hours!

Bath Paint

Let your kid's creativity run wild with bath paint! The best part about this paint is that you can let your kids go to town with their drawings on the bath tub and tile walls knowing that these paints are stain-proof. This is a fun bath time activity that involves easy cleanup! Add this toy to your bath time routine for a lot of happy faces and laughs.

Toys in Soap

Use the toy hidden in the soap bar as an incentive for your kids to take a bath. Every time they take a long bath they will be one step closer to uncovering the mystery toy. Kids will be asking for baths just to try and get to the prize!

Soap buddies !! #soap #bathtoy #squirt #homemade #bossbabe

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Swimming Toys

The only thing more exciting for a kid than playing with a shark in the bath, is playing with a shark that actually swims. These bath toys aren't battery operated, making them completely water safe. Just wind them up and watch them go! The kids will love playing around with the different animals and watch them move through the water.

Magnetic Cars

"With roads pieces and HEAPS of vehicles, your little one will forget that bath time is a chore and will actually want to jump in." If your child loves cars, then they will have a blast using these! Magnetic cars and roads make for the perfect bath time game. Have the kids set up the roads any way they want as they swap out different cars!

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Kid's Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are not just for adults! There are plenty of fun brands out there creating kid friendly bath bombs that will take bath time to the next level. You can even have the kids make their own bath bobs as a fun craft during the day! Make bath time an all-day event with this fun activity.

Pok?mon bath bombs are still fun for everyone!

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Bath time can be a struggle, especially when kids aren't interested in stopping their playtime in order to get clean. Make bath an extended playtime that will have your kids excited to take one every night.