Fun Ways to Celebrate The Last Snow Day—Hopefully the Last Snow Day

posted: 03/14/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Happy little boy holding his mother's hands and spinning around on the snow in their backyard, right besides the snowman they have made together

It's been a long and cold winter, and with spring just a few days away, it's the perfect time for Mother Nature to give us one more shot of snowy weather. For your kids, a surprise day off from school is the best, but if you were expecting spring weather but instead you're breaking out the snow boots and gloves one more time, here's fun and easy ways to celebrate the last snow day. Oh please let this be the last snow day!

For Inside Play

Get the kids in the kitchen- Use what you've already got in your pantry to bake something sweet with your kids. Melting a marshmallow makes icing for cookies or cupcakes in a pinch, and candy makes the perfect topping for your homemade treat.

Break out the Painter's Tape- Blue painter's tape is great for all your DIY projects and for creating fun indoor play for your kids. Just use the tape to create roads for your kids to drive their cars and trucks along. When playtime is over, just lift up the tape and toss it in the trash. You can also create a spider web with the tape in a doorway and let your kids toss small pieces of paper or "bugs" onto the web.

Mess Free Painting- Inspire your little artists and keep clean up to a minimum by filling a freezer bag with a few squirts of paint and glitter. Tape the bag to a table or window with painter's tape. Now your kids can "paint" by moving and mixing the paint inside the bag. You can even put coloring pages inside to get their creative juices flowing but not have to deal with paint covered hands!

Outdoor Fun

Make a Snow Volcano- Head outside with a plastic cup, vinegar, baking soda and food coloring. Have your kids build a volcano with the snow--be sure to pack it tightly- and place the cup inside the top of the snow volcano. Pour baking soda and food coloring inside the cup, and make it erupt by adding vinegar. This is a great activity if you have a lot of snow or just a few piles leftover from the last storm.

Break Out Sand Toys- All of those toys that usually make an appearance in the summer, like buckets, shovels, and sand toys can make a snow day debut. These toys are perfect for playing and creating in the snow and you won't have to purchase anything new.